Oxyhome DishWashing Liquid


100% Natural and safe for the environment

Made from Organic ingredients

No chemicals, no toxic residue, non-corrosive

OXYHOME Dish wash Natural Liquid is completely bio-degradable and high performance cleaner made to demanding standards. It does not have the toxic, corrosive, or irritating side effects of strong chemical based cleaning formulations yet produces outstanding performance results. It is moderate to low foam in use. Certified with NASAA as an input for *Organic Production/Processing. No. 3502M.

Dish wash Natural Liquid cuts through grease and grime without harsh chemicals. Will not react or damage surfaces, hoses and not harm floors, walls, paint, waxed surfaces when used according to dilution instructions.

Directions for use
Apply a small amount onto wet sponge and scrub dishes to remove food and grime. Allow the liquid to soak for several moments before rinsing. Agitate when scrubbing for stubborn grimes. Alternatively, dilute 30ml of liquid to 500ml of water in a pail or sink to allow the active ingredients to penetrate and loosen food bits & grimes. Gently rinse dishes after.”

Using range

Kitchen counters, tables, refrigerators, walls, sinks, food preparation equipment, marble, glass, stone, timber, plastic, stainless steel surfaces and more!

Organic acid, blend Proprietary ,Glycerine ,Coconut oil soap ,Aussan-L44 ,Organic surfactant blend, pure Water.

Contains NO : SLS, SLES, Benzoates, Phosphates, Parabens, Petroleum Distillates, Triclosan, Ammonia and Artificial Chemicals.

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