Oxyhome Mechanic Hand Cleaner


100% Natural and safe for the environment

Made from Organic ingredients

No chemicals, no toxic residue, non-corrosive

Oxyhome hand cleaner gel is completely bio-degradable with specially formulated to remove grease, grime and dirt off your hands. this non irritating hand cleaner gel also contains natural silicate beads to help loosen and remove the most deeply embedded soils and stubborn grease off your hands easily without much scrubbing. No harsh solvents were used, instead we incorporate conditioner and natural mineral oil into our formulation so your hand will not feel dry after each use.

Contains NO : SLS, SLES, Benzoates and Parabens .

Direction for use:
Apply to hand and wipe off with cloth or tissue paper or rinse off with water.

Natural sea sand,
Natural mineral oil,
Natural Silicate beads,
Conditioner .

Suitable for :
Garage mechanics, machines engineers, heavy machineries operators etc.

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