As Humanity has developed through the eons, so too have we taken a toll on our environment. Not just locally and regionally, but globally as well. Pollution is a concern for our entire ecosystem. What we do in our households impacts the global eco-sphere. We advocate a move away from harsh and potentially toxic and damaging chemicals, in favour of more natural, gentler products – every little bit helps.

Our mission is to provide your household with safer, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally conscious and affordable cleaning products to minimise our impact on the environment. To achieve this mission, we make our products with 100% natural ingredients.

Oxyhome’s products are completely biodegradable, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, natural, and non-toxic, so they are indeed environmentally friendly. It has been professionally tested by multinational assessment agencies and environmental organizations. Our products are made of natural plants and minerals, which are the key to human health. These beneficial mineral elements are used as key ingredients in all formulations.

To achieve our mission, we make our products with natural ingredients of plant and mineral origins. These are key to human wellbeing. These beneficial ingredients are key to all Oxyhome formulations. Oxyhome products have been tested by several multi-national agencies and laboratories, and contain no sulphates, SLS, SLES or ALS.

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